Monday, 14 October 2013

Elephant No. 42: Feature Artist Urzula Kozak

Elephant Throwing Dirt
Photo: Urzula Kozak

Although awardwinning photographer Urzula Kozak is actually based in my hometown, our paths have never crossed. Then again, sometimes I just don't get out much.

I love good black-and-white photography, and Urzula's Masai Mara series is stunning. I, of course, lean towards the elephant photographs, but there's also a fantastic photograph of a zebra against a herd of wildebeest—which incidentally won first prize in a recent Applied Arts Magazine photography contest.

Grazing ElephantsPhoto: Urzula Kozak

In addition, one of Urzula's wildlife images has already appeared on the cover of The Black Journal, and a number of her photographs will be featured in an upcoming David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust advertising campaign.

To see more of the Masai Mara series, as well as Urzula's other work, visit her website at

Elephants on Termite Mound
Photo: Urzula Kozak

Elephant Lore of the Day
It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, which usually means getting together with family you may not have seen in a while. Yesterday, my friend Chenar sent me this video featuring an elephant family reunion in Addo Elephant Park, South Africa.

According to the person who took the footage, there were hundreds of elephants about, but even the baby knew right away who its relatives were. In one branch of my extended family, the ears are a dead giveaway; however, elephants often recognize one another by sound and scent, as well as visual cues.

To read the original story, click here.

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