Thursday, 23 April 2015

Elephant No. 128: Three Little Purses

While sorting through a bunch of stuff as part of my spring cleaning, I came across this trio of cute little purses. I've had them all for a number of years now, but use them sparingly — mostly because they don't hold a lot, and because I'm definitely a messenger-bag kind of girl.

I picked up this beaded change purse in London nearly ten years ago, from a street vendor near Blackfriars Bridge. It doesn't look much like an elephant, but I kind of like the abstract oddity of it.

I picked up this funky square bag — with tiny bells, no less — a few years back at a local fair trade shop called Ten Thousand Villages.

And this pretty little number was a gift from my friend Cynthia, with the hopeful suggestion that I could use it to carry just my phone, some cash and a credit card. Instead, in hangs on display near my desk.

The first is Chinese in manufacture; the second two are Indian, but all of them are handmade, and they're all cute enough that they're never going out the door with my yearly cast-offs.

Elephant Lore of the Day
Today is YouTube's tenth birthday. I didn't know this, but my friend Lo pointed out this morning that the world's very first YouTube video featured—you guessed it—elephants.

In the 19-second video—titled simply "Me at the zoo"—YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim stands in front of an elephant enclosure and says a few words about the elephants behind him. The video is embedded below. To read more about Karim and YouTube's d├ębut, click here.

Happy Birthday, YouTube! And cool about the elephants.

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